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Implications of Integrating Health Information Systems   Auxilia Kaunda

Implications of Integrating Health Information Systems

164 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Health Information System (HIS) is widely recognized as a technology enabler which improves patient care coordination, enhances provider productivity and facilitates knowledge management activities. A multitude of stand-alone administrative and clinical management systems exist, but their true value is realized when they become an integrated electronic health record solution that can address information requirements across multiple functions. In Malawi, the national Health Management Information System is integrated while at the district level there are stand-alone systems. Stand-alone systems are common in most countries and are a major cause of fragmentation especially in developing countries. Evidence shows that information derived from fragmented systems is untimely and not effective for management use. To address this issue, organisations worldwide are collaborating to integrate stand-alone systems into one. This book is based on a study of two significant systems at the district...
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