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Decision Support Systems for Academic Supervisor   Kusai Al Khatib

Decision Support Systems for Academic Supervisor

136 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Information is the motor nerve for all types of decisions taken in any organization, whether governmental organization or public non-profit and service delivery. The enormous development in computer technology has contributed in providing information in a special form to serve the needs of senior management in the process of strategic planning and decision making. Since information is the knowledge that come out of processed data and it is the logical output of any information system, that is why they are gaining importance to the Department in achieving its objectives at all levels of Management, and especially at the strategic management, and by providing appropriate information about the activities of the organization and for environmental influences that the organization are exposed to, that enables senior management to depend on that information as a reliable information for its analytical methods and deductive, more than relying on guesswork and intuitive rule, which...
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