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Photoshop Elements for Photographers Bundle (Book and DVD)   Scott Kelby, Dave Cross

Photoshop Elements for Photographers Bundle (Book and DVD)

Offering many of the same features as its big brother Photoshop, but without all the complicated graphs and tools or the hefty price tag ($99 vs. $600!), Photoshop Elements is a digital photographer's dream tool. Here to get you producing dream images with it is a book/DVD bundle that lays out all the essentials. In typical straight-shooting Kelby style, the Photoshop Elements Book for Digital Photographers explores every key step in the digital photography process--from experimenting with camera settings to capturing and manipulating the image, and outputting the final product. But the fun doesn't stop there! Once you've mastered the pro-level tricks Scott doles out, you can pop in Dave Cross' Photoshop Elements for Digital Photographers DVD for even more great instruction. On this practical and entertaining DVD, David demonstrates the tool options that ease Elements work as well as the "power user" features that will take your images to new creative heights. With this...
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