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Intellectual Property Rights, Biodiversity and Information System   Sabuj Kumar Chaudhuri and Chaitali Dutta

Intellectual Property Rights, Biodiversity and Information System

372 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
India is classified among the 12 mega-diversity centers of the world. The biochemical information and associated traditional knowledge found in wild plants, animals and microorganisms have been thoughtlessly commodified and eroded with the advent of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) regime. Biopiracy in the name of bioprospecting is extensively carried out. There are many legal instruments on this subject. This book examines the complex relationship between IPR with biodiversity and has tried to find out a possible solution by designing an algorithm of a Biodiversity Information System (BIS). Though the examples and case studies are related with India but the underlying mechanisms, interplay and problems are equally applicable for any nation of the world. Findings of the book have already published in reputed peer reviewed journal on IPR as research papers and are taught as course material on Biodiversity and IPR Law in IGNOU (University) for its PG Diploma in IPR. This text is...
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