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Measurement, Accounting & Reporting of Intellectual Capital in Arcelik   Cevdet K?z?l

Measurement, Accounting & Reporting of Intellectual Capital in Arcelik

100 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book analyzes one of the most critical and eye-catching concepts of modern business world, intellectual capital. The research focuses on measurement, accounting and reporting of intellectual capital in Arcelik A.S. as a multinational company. It is believed that the study presents an ideal model to academicians, managers, researchers, graduate students, investors, experts and other stakeholders who are interested in intellectual capital. "Measurement, Accounting & Reporting of Intellectual Capital in Arcelik" contributes to the literature by utilizing different techniques, methods and models simultaneously for a more clear understanding of intellectual capital. Also, better decision making, more efficient management and right allocation of resources are additional benefits for the readers of this book . Success today is tightly related to completely discovering intangible assets, knowledge management and intellectual capital. Thus, "Measurement, Accounting & Reporting of...
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