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Accounting for Managers of Non-Corporate Undertakings   Dr.Sri Nivas Madishetti

Accounting for Managers of Non-Corporate Undertakings

432 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
It is the considered view of many that executives with background of accounting are comparatively with higher efficacy and success than others who have just the knowledge of the job alone.Though corporate world is ruling the industry, still non corporate undertakings play a significant role in the societies both in developing and developed economies. Most of the intermediary activity in the business such as trading is taken care of by small and medium enterprises which are either in the form of sole traders or partnership concerns. Further many of these organizations are dealing with sale of goods on installment and hire purchase basis. This book concentrates on giving inputs to such executives of undertakings for understanding accounting process of hire purchase, installments. Further it covers accounts of non trading concerns and concerns which are maintaining their accounts on single entry basis. this book on the hole destined to enables the managers and...
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