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Financial Accounting of ISO 9000 based Quality Information System   Tarun soota

Financial Accounting of ISO 9000 based Quality Information System

164 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
A Quality Information System (Q.I.S.) employed for attaining higher degree of quality, would bring about major benefits for an organization. Particularly, a financial accounting system is an imperative to accomplish this requirement which would enable TQM professionals to gauge the performance of Q.I.S. from the perspective of financial elements, with the help of well-proven accounting statements namely Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet. In this project work, a Financial Accounting System to account ISO 9000 based Q.I.S. was designed. The accounting statements namely Profit and Loss account and Balance sheet were then prepared to evaluate whether a company would benefit by installing ISO 9000 based Q.I.S. The work done is validated by values obtained from a company by name M/s. Autoprint Machinery Manufacturers Private Limited, Coimbatore. To support this work, software has been developed for implementing the project using Visual Basic 6 as the front end and MS Access as...
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