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CIMA: Pass First Time! (CIMA Student Handbook)   David Harris

CIMA: Pass First Time! (CIMA Student Handbook)

144 страниц. 2007 год.
Students of professional qualifications often work in the dark. Many take no formal tuition and are often left to learn off the page. Many students learn the theory but are unable to identify what the question requires. They miss marks they could, and should have picked up for material they have spent precious time studying. They fail exams they have the ability to pass. This book spotlights what examiners look for and helps you ask, and answer, this key question What exactly does the examiner want? The book covers exam techniques, how to approach different styles of question (such as CBA, essays, case studies) how to lay out your work, etc. Written in a straightforward manner, this study buddy gets the point across clearly without dumbing down important messages. Cartoons, illustrations and mind-maps show you how you should be thinking, and what you should be doing in order to work smarter, not harder. Professional exams are highly time pressured, both...
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