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Practical Financial Modelling, Second Edition: A guide to current practice   Jonathan Swan

Practical Financial Modelling, Second Edition: A guide to current practice

304 страниц. 2008 год.
CIMA Publishing
Practical Financial Modelling is for all finance and management professionals whose work involves the development or use of complex spreadsheets and financial models. The second edition now covers Excel 2007. Chapter 1: Model structure now includes a review of non-spreadsheet modelling tools. Chapter 2: Quality control now contains a new section to include Excel's in-built audit functionality; and further audit checks. Chapter 3: Mainly formulae now includes a number of worked examples for eg cash cascades, cash sweeps, sinking funds etc. Chapter 5: Model use, has under gone a substantial revision, and now includes reporting and charting techniques. In order to accomodate both Excel 2003 users and new Excel 2007 users the book has an extensive appendix which shows "how to do it in Excel 2003 and how to do it in Excel 2007" as comparison.This book follows on from the previous very successful first edition by offering a refreshingly simple approach to building and using financial...
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