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Catrimony: The Feline Guide to Ruling the Relationship   Kim Levin, Christine Montaquila

Catrimony: The Feline Guide to Ruling the Relationship

64 страниц. 2006 год.
What happens to girls with Cattitude? They might find themselves entering into Catrimony! Love is a battlefield. And who better to give advice on how to win than your favourite four-legged egomaniac. Here, writer Christine Montaquila and photographer Kim Levin tap into the no-nonsense, all-feline perspective on why a little chutzpah goes a long way when it comes to committment. Montaquila and Levin again spend some revealing face-time with some domesticated divas, getting them to spill the goods on making romance work. The sequel to their immensely successful "Cattitude", their new book of choice quotes and telling photos takes things to the next level. Where the earlier volume focused on snaring a member of the opposite sex, this one concentrates on keeping the upper hand when you do. Its 40 duotone photographs, faux jewel-studded cover and deliciously catty sense of humour make "Catrimony" the perfect holiday, bridal shower or Valentine's Day gift.
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