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Audit sampling   Rufus Tekoh Ayam

Audit sampling

80 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Audit sampling has been an issue over the years and very little academic literature exist to shed more light about the utilization of this concept during auditing practices. Therefore,the two approaches to audit sampling; statistical and nonstatistical have been examined in this book. The overall purpose of the book is to explore the current extent at which these concepts are utilized by auditors during auditing practices. The book also seeks to achieve two additional purposes; the first is to find out whether auditors utilize different sampling techniques when auditing SME?s and big companies and the second is to find out some common selection methods that are used by auditors for selecting statistical or nonstatistical audit samples during audit sampling practices. Based on the empirical findings obtained, an audit sampling model has been proposed. It is recommended that auditors should use this model as a guide not only in Sweden but also in other countries as the model will be a...
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