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Applicatin and effect VAT tax in Republic of Kosovo   Nakije Kida

Applicatin and effect VAT tax in Republic of Kosovo

252 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This Book deals with analyses of the key fiscal system features and different factors which stand on the basis of tax system development. Dealing with the fiscal policy weshould consider the effect and consequences tax types and rates may have, in particular the Value Added Tax. Proper fiscal policies enable faster development of a country, regarding the situation and economic power each country has, especially the Republic of Kosovo.If we compare tax systems of different countries, there are no two countries where the tax is realized in the same way. This is because the tax system derives from interaction of different factors. The revenues make the main financing part of the Kosovo Budget, where the Value Added Tax is a contributor too.Just for this, the tax system over time has undergone the changes, by adapting the EU regulations, but maintaining the specificities of our country (the Republic of Kosovo). The Value Added Tax is implemented in all European Union countries, in some...
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