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Assessment Of Business Income Taxpayers’ Satisfaction   Yihalem Mulu Zerihun

Assessment Of Business Income Taxpayers’ Satisfaction

116 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Central to the overall research objective, the investigation on this book focused on assumption and factors such as employees’ willingness and preparedness to serve the taxpayers, promptness of service delivery, complaint and appeal handling mechanisms, taxpayers’ education and information system, soliciting feedback and consulting with taxpayers, the work environment, and other related issues were factors considered as independent variables which could affect the taxpayers’ satisfaction. Several of these independent variables are found to be factors influencing the taxpayers’ satisfaction. The research findings came up with the result that overall the majority of the service users are dissatisfied and strongly dissatisfied, only less than one-tenth of the respondents were satisfied and strongly satisfied. Some are indifferent to express their state of satisfaction, and a fewsome did not react about their perception for the service they received. Finally, conclusions are made and...
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