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Watches International XVI  

Watches International XVI

230x285 432 страниц. 2015 год.
Tourbillon International
One would have been hard pressed, upon the invention of the first sundial, to imagine that the artistry of the measure of time would one day surpass by leaps and bounds the importance of the very time being measured. But such is the restless brilliance of the human mind - to seek the endless possibilities of the how, to find the question as fascinating as the answer, to capture the elusive spirit of elegance. Each passing year presents new daring visions of creativity, and in turn the world's finest watchmakers challenge themselves, and one another, to discover new horizons in a field as rooted in the fabric of the Renaissance as in today's constant global scientific revolutions. Ageless refinement and relentless reinvention stand side by side, to the awe of horologic enthusiasts and connoisseurs. Page after page, Watches International embraces the past, present and future of the noble art form. United in a single forum, timekeeping luminaries map the vast landscape of...
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