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Buddy Systems in Australian Primary Schools   Maree Stanley

Buddy Systems in Australian Primary Schools

92 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Buddy systems can be a valuable tool for enhancing respect and empathy, building caring and supportive school communities and reducing bullying behaviour. Buddy systems usually involve older students in the last year of primary school befriending younger students in their first year of schooling. Buddy systems can promote social and emotional well-being and create a caring school environment where students feel cared for, experience a sense of belonging and inclusion, learn pro-social values and build resilience. This study investigated the perceptions and attitudes of teachers, school leaders and students about the buddy systems that they have been part of. In particular the study focused on what they perceived as the strengths of buddy systems and how they might be improved. Although buddy systems have been used in many primary schools across Australia to assist students in their first year of school little has been written or documented about them. Buddy systems enhance the...
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