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Analysis of the Family Resource Center Play ‘N Learn Preschool Program   Jennifer Mack

Analysis of the Family Resource Center Play ‘N Learn Preschool Program

56 страниц. 2015 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Early childhood education has always been a passion of mine. The choices parents make regarding their child(ren)'s earliest educational experiences can have such a huge impact on subsequent growth and development. Unfortunately, not all early childhood education programs are committed to serving each child's highest good. Still others may have the commitment, but lack the knowledge and skills necessary to carry out their mission. It is imperative that parents educate themselves about how to choose the right early childhood educational experience for their child. I was inspired to write about the Eau Claire FRC Play 'n Learn Program after having such a positive experience in the program with my first son, who was then 3. I felt compelled to analyze the program's effectiveness for both my own personal satisfaction, as well as with the intent of offering this knowledge to other parents who could gain from what the program has to offer. My two sons, Benjamin -10 and Oliver -8, continue to...
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