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From now to then   Zena Eisenberg

From now to then

116 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
But I want to call it lunch! Are we there yet? Before, after, clocks, calendars. Those are all temporal challenges for young children: cognitive and linguistic challenges. How do they learn about such complex and abstract concepts? More importantly, how do we help them discover time? We live in a society that is increasingly reigned by time, which has become faster, more fragmented (days, hours, nanoseconds!), and is present in a child''s life from the moment she is born (or before, even, if one considers the mother''s biological rhythms). Eisenberg''s book enters the homes of families to find out what is it that parents and children talk about at dinner that might help the young ones come to a better understanding of temporal concepts. Based on nearly 1,000 pages of transcripts of dinner talk, the author identifies different factors that might contribute to understanding time. Those include the development of language and parental use of temporal concepts. After reading this book,...
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