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Peer Rejections in Preschool   Joanna Tay-Lim

Peer Rejections in Preschool

124 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
For preschool children who encounter peer adversities, "school" could turn out to be a daily struggle.Because of the possible emergence of peer rejection early in a child''s life and its potential negative impact on the quality of school life, it is important for early childhood educators to address the issue. Despite its importance, there are however relatively few studies that have looked at the problem during the preschool years. In addition, the trend appears to be the employment of quantitative measures which allow researchers to identify partial and possibly inaccurate understandings of the complex nature of peer rejection. Peer rejection is a phenomenon that requires a study of the emotional, social, and cognitive experiences of the child. There is a need therefore to probe deeper into what lies within the child. This book, therefore, attempts to provide valuable insights into what constitutes a holistic understanding of the phenomenon of peer rejection from the perspectives...
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