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Fashioning the Future   Suzanne Lee

Fashioning the Future

208 страниц. 2005 год.
Thames and Hudson
Spray-on dresses, growable suits and self-cleaning shirts -these may become everyday items in a future wardrobe. In this visionary exploration of where fashion and clothing are headed, Suzanne Lee provides the first guide to the astonishing ways in which contemporary science and technology are shaping what we wear. The fast-paced world of fashion is driven by an appetite for the new and creative, an appetite this inspirational book satisfies to the full. Fashioning the Future examines the work of those scientific researchers and fashion designers, such as Issey Miyake, Hussein Chalayan and Walter Van Beirendonck, who are transforming today's science fiction into tomorrow's reality. It is illustrated throughout with stunning fashion 'dreamscapes' created by leading British image-makers Warren du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones, as well as a host of innovative visions from the past whose time has at last arrived. Fashioning the Future is a unique visual journey, an informative...
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