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Hot Body Year Round   Cassey Ho

Hot Body Year Round

190x230 256 страниц. 2015 год.
27-year old exercise dynamo Cassey Ho is known for her popular, exhilarating, and targeted "POP Pilates" workouts, which utilize Pilates moves into more upbeat sequences to keep practitioners engaged and active. Cassey's empire, Blogilates, features her trademark 5-10 minute routines like Bikini Body and Post-Holiday Fat Burn, which target specific body parts for visible results. "Hot Body Year Round" will finally bring together Cassey's irresistible and inspiring personality, creative riffs on Pilates poses, and challenging sequences to the page. Because fitness goals differ throughout the calendar year--holiday eating and parties take a toll, while summer activities keep calories burning even outside the gym-the book is divided based on seasonal goals. Cassey's workouts are incredibly effective at keeping women motivated and moving, and her rabid fanbase is a testament to the devotion of her fans. New material, never before featured on Blogilates, will set the book apart and...
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