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Ivy Takes Care   Rosemary Wells

Ivy Takes Care

2013 год.
Brokenhearted after her best friend leaves for the entire summer, Ivy decides to keep busy by hiring herself out to look after people’s farm animals and pets while they’re away. So begins a summer of discovery and definition for tender-hearted but sensible Ivy, who must win over a stubborn pony, take on the training of a puppy and patiently court the trust of the magnificent but scarred race horse. All this while tending to her own private hurts and hopes, and managing the hapless tagalong Billy Joe, who has a knack for trouble and accidents like nobody else. Celebrated writer Rosemary Wells delivers a compassionately observed and exquisitely distilled novel set in the mid-century South about a heroine with an exceptional gift, a heart of gold and a budding dream for her future.
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