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A Phenomenological Study in the State of Wisconsin   Daniela M. Porro

A Phenomenological Study in the State of Wisconsin

148 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The researcher conducted a qualitative phenomenological study to examine and disclose some of the factors that influence Spanish-Speaking English Language Learners’ ability to complete high school in a public school district in the State of Wisconsin. Since there are multiple factors (individual, family, school, community) that affect the development of the child, the researcher decided to conduct a phenomenological study that would try to discover if there were any common experiences underlying some of these factors. The researcher used first-hand personal and professional experiences and brought individual lenses to the study which affected the design, understanding, and interpretation of the results. The data were extracted from face-to-face interviews with six students and their parents. The findings of this study revealed that these students were encouraged by both school staff and parents. In addition, successful students built deep relationships with their...
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