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Teaching Reading Comprehension in Secondary Schools   Calister Umeadi Oahimire and Hanna Onyi Yusuf

Teaching Reading Comprehension in Secondary Schools

156 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The inability of learners to infer and deduce hidden meaning from explicitly stated information in reading materials is one of the challenges faced by learners of English as a second in tackling examination questions at all levels of education. Studies have equally shown that weaknesses in reading comprehension is more readily recognised where students’ skill in inferring meaning or deducing conclusion from given texts is tested. Results of such tests have revealed that students are more comfortable with the literal translation of text and tend to perform poorly in the task of inferring from a text. The findings of the study reported in this book will expose learners to the importance of inferential ability in reading comprehension. This will in turn help to make readers good comprehenders. Teachers, students, textbook writers, curriculum planners and policy makers will find this book useful in improving the teaching of reading comprehension in schools and colleges.
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