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Trip durch D-A-CH: Lehrerhandbuch   Maddalena Martini

Trip durch D-A-CH: Lehrerhandbuch

195x260 48 страниц. 2009 год.
Deutschsprachige Lander sehen und verstehen. Trip durch D-A-CH is a cultural studies book which embraces all the German-speaking world - from Germany to Austria and the Swiss Cantons and including Lichtenstein and the South Tirol. The book is aimed at students at A2 level of German. Structure: Each zone of the countries covered in the book is presented in a double page through a 'geographical identity card' which provides essential information (maps, capitals, important cities, population, economic activities). There is also one or more short texts on topics specifically related to that zone as well as listening and other comprehension exercises; At the end of each section, there is a page setting the historical context (Zeitpanorama) with short texts and numerous pictures, which stimulate class discussion; All of the texts are accompanied by activities for oral comprehension as well as stimulus for communication and discussion (Deine...
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