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Enterprise 4: Intermediate: Test Booklet   Virginia Evans, Jenny Dooley

Enterprise 4: Intermediate: Test Booklet

210x275 64 страниц. 2007 год.
Express Publishing
"Enterprise 4: Intermediate: Test Booklet" contains eight write-in tests which aim to assess students' progress throughout the course. Key features: A Mid-term Test covering language and grammar -structures taught in Units 1-6 is included. An Exit Test examining all material covered in the Enterprise A Intermediate coursebook is provided at the end of the book. This can be used both as a placement test for students moving on to the next level of English Language learning and to evaluate overall achievement at the end of the course. Each test contains separate sections which focus on Vocabulary, Grammar, Reading and Writing. A clear marking system has been included to enable both teachers and students to monitor progress every step of the way. An answer key is also provided at the Pack of the book.
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