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Fun for Flyers: Teacher's Book   Anne Robinson, Karen Saxby

Fun for Flyers: Teacher's Book

Cambridge English
210x300 178 страниц. 2010 год.
Cambridge University Press
Fun for Flyers Second edition is a book of lively preparation material for students taking the Cambridge Young Learners Flyers test. This second edition has been updated and substantially extended to provide comprehensive practice of all areas of the syllabus. Fun activities are balanced with test-style tasks. The appealing design and motivating activities also make Fun for Flyers suitable for learners not taking the test. - Covers all the grammar, vocabulary and skills learners need for the test; - Specifically designed to focus on those areas most likely to cause problems for young learners at this level; - A unit-by-unit wordlist provides easy reference for vocabulary learning; - The accompanying website includes interactive tasks and further resources for classroom use. The Teacher's Book includes: - Step-by-step lesson guidance, including ideas for managing large and mixed-level classes; - "Young Learners tips" and a Flyers Test checklist to...
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