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Skills First! The Magic Pebble: Level 1: Teacher's Book   Tonya Reese, Faye Moore

Skills First! The Magic Pebble: Level 1: Teacher's Book

210x295 74 страниц. 2000 год.
Express Publishing
Peter opens his eyes and sees that it is very dark now. He must go home! He gets up. He feels cold and he starts to walk. He can't see very well and he feels a bit scared. Suddenly, he sees a strange light. He walks towards it. The light is coming from a little stone. This is strange, he thinks. What is it? He looks again. The light is moving. In a flash, a girl appears... Skills First! is a series of language skills books for Levels 1-4. Unique Features: 15 Units which offer systematic practice in reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Original storyline developed through reading and listening. Personal expression encouraged through speaking and writing. Integrated activities lead from language comprehension to production and extension. Vocabulary and grammar items appropriate for each level. Characters and situations appropriate for each age group. Class Cassette/Audio CD...
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