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Hello Bravo!: Teacher's Book   Judy West

Hello Bravo!: Teacher's Book

220x275 80 страниц. 2005 год.
Macmillan Publishers Limited
Bravo! is a complete English course written especially for young learners. Hello Bravo! is the first introductory level, devised to teach children the preliminary sounds of English they will need for the rest of the course. This includes some basic key vocabulary and language which is recycled in later levels. It is suitable for complete beginners doing an introductory or pre-school course. The Teacher's Book: - includes a full introduction to the course, with lesson procedure explanations and extra advice for teaching very young children. - has clear and concise step-by-step lesson notes which clearly set out the aims and language focus of each lesson. - contains tapescripts, Activity file and fifteen pages of photocopiables for use in class.
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