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Study of Pattern of Injuries in Fatal Cases of Fall From Height   Vasudeva Murthy C. R.,Harish S. and Girish Chandra Y. P.

Study of Pattern of Injuries in Fatal Cases of Fall From Height

64 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Deaths due to fall from height, form an important area of study due to diversity of the injuries sustained, complexity of the patterns involved and various phenomenon’s associated there with. The medico-legal autopsy aims at deciding whether the death was attributed purely to the height or other factors. It also helps in ruling out the various contributing factors like drugs, alcohol and co-existing natural disease. The study of pattern of external and internal injury may together indicate the primary site of impact and height from which the fall has occurred. The determination of actual or probable anatomical site of primary impact may be useful in reconstruction of the events. Presence of multiple blunt force injuries makes it hard to differentiate between fall induced injuries and those that have been inflicted before the fall. Thus a careful study of total injury pattern is of vital importance in every case. In the difficult scenario of assessing the manner of death, meticulous...
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