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Exercise Effects on Morphine & Alcohol Dependency   Majid Motaghinejad,Majid Asadi-Ghalehni and Ozra Motaghinejad

Exercise Effects on Morphine & Alcohol Dependency

92 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Chronic use of morphine and alcohol lead to dependency and discontinuation of these drugs causes physical and emotional changes which need pharmacological and non pharmacological intervention. In this study exercise had been used as an allied therapy to relives morphine and alcohol addiction. Total Withdrawal Score (TWS) significantly decreased in all test groups in comparison with positive control group (without treatment). The results showed it would be feasible to use exercise to reduce of the withdrawal symptoms in the dependent people. Actually our study showed that exercise can be effective as adjunct therapy with clonidine and dizepam to reduce symptoms of morphine and alcohol withdrawal syndrome and will assist patients to abandonment of drug dependency
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