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Behcet's disease and subclinical atherosclerosis   Tamer A. Gheita,Sanaa A. Kenawy and Rehab W. El Sisi

Behcet's disease and subclinical atherosclerosis

116 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Although the pathogenesis of the auto-inflammation in Behcet’s disease remains controversial, this book provides a new insight that inflammation and subclinical atherosclerosis may develop through different mechanisms from that involved with other rheumatic conditions. This book presents a comprehensive description of the basics of Behcet's disease and atherosclerosis with in-depth discussion of their association that is commonly overlooked by rheumatologists and primary care physicians. It provides advanced information of such a mysterious and interesting rheumatic disease. The book is designed to provide a useful and informative overview for rheumatology students and professionals and the material included is sufficiently comprehensive to serve as a reference for general practitioners dealing with Behcet's disease patients. The readers will take a worthy idea on the disease, updates in medical treatments and the team approach concepts in its management. This book should prove...
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