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HIV/Aids Vulnerability Of Students At Addis Ababa   Tadele Kebede

HIV/Aids Vulnerability Of Students At Addis Ababa

92 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
As a period of demographic dividend, Ethiopia has to exploit the golden opportunity for rapid economic growth through investing incessantly on youths health with in a generation & capitalize the benefit.HIV/AIDS is becoming a critical problem among the young men and women. As main hindrance factor, it should be addressed properly for pre-college students. The book, therefore, explored the extent of HIV/AIDS vulnerability of preparatory students, where a large cluster of youths found, and it gives preeminent analysis that are useful to implementers, advocates and researchers on youths heath. I believe that most developing countries will benefit from the research so as to improve the health status of their young and productive generation.
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