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Paediatric Encounter   Ammar Shehadeh

Paediatric Encounter

220 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
After a long experience in teaching undergraduate students, with the urge of my colleagues and request of my students to put forward a full guide with the best way in approaching paediatrics. This book guide students step by step not only to the best systemic way of thinking but also to the most compassionate, humanized, understanding, pediatric encounter. Starting from greeting the patient, taking history, clinical examination, differential diagnosis, and management. the way you practice and think is the most important factor that marks successful doctors. Treatment starts from the moment you encounter a patient not from diagnosis.that is why i prefer to call it treatment not management. this book aims to be a close friend before and after graduation for doctors to deal with pediatric patients. Step by step this book will guide you until simple affective compassionate pediatric approach become your second nature.
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