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Efficacy of Sterilizing Polyethylene Used in Hip Replacements   Anderson Freitas and Ana Patricia De Paula

Efficacy of Sterilizing Polyethylene Used in Hip Replacements

68 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Determinated sterilization by low-dose gamma radiation efficacy in the superficial and deeper layers of the polyethylene acetabular components used in hip arthroplasties is very important. The possibility of the existence of injured microorganisms in deeper layers of polyethylene sterilized by low doses of gamma rays,an important subsidy in order to rule out a never before considered site of infection, that according to what was stated above, appeared to be a viable site for the presence of microorganisms in a state of cellular injury. Identifying an initial vector of infection is of paramount importance for the treatment of any infectious disease, particularly in the case of infection in arthroplasty, and every effort towards its identification is valid, because the results of this infection are catastrophic and difficult to resolve, entailing revision surgeries and high expenses in any public or private health system.
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