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Phytopharmaceuticals Market Research   Mihaela Stoia and Simona Oancea

Phytopharmaceuticals Market Research

112 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
New dimension was given to the demand of dietary supplements and we consider very useful the overview on current statistics and trends suggestively illustrated here, as well as the scientific evidence which support the health reasons for using phytopharmaceuticals since their health claims are still a debatable issue. In our opinion, manufacturers of herbal supplements, as key-actors involved in developing a safe and modern phytotherapy besides pharmacists, physicians and consumers, should be informed on topics like plant bioactive compounds, market research, and world health statistics in order to meet the health needs of an ageing population. Because Romania is considered the most attractive market in the next years in the Central Europe Region, we have used this opportunity to make publicly available our national dietary supplement market assessment completed with an original case study analysis. Through this work we have also capitalized our professional experience in public...
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