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Challenges Facing Women Holding Managerial Positions at Health Sector   Rajaa Salah Abu Mayaleh and Yousef Ibrahim Aljeesh

Challenges Facing Women Holding Managerial Positions at Health Sector

2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The study design is a descriptive analytical method. A questionnaire and open coding questions The SPSS program has been used. Reliability test analysis was (0.75). It was conducted on 164-health women who had 12 years of experience in average. Their ages ranged between 21 to 59 years. Only 13.42% were in the highest level. Moreover, the results showed the overall organizational challenges are existed with 53.35%, for example the glass ceiling existed with the lowest range 47.53 %, followed by the lack of opportunities, stereotype, lack of training, discrimination and lack of mentoring while the greatest challenge was, lack of sharing in decision-making with 72.8%. The women ages between (41-50) consider the aging effects negatively on sharing in decision making. It is very necessary to agreed policies and strategies to support the Palestinians women manger, who will help to empower the legislatives and quotas, and millennium development goals to support women achievement...
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