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Determinants of Anemia among Women in Gaza Governorates   Raja Musleh,Yehia Abed and Hammoda Abu-Odah

Determinants of Anemia among Women in Gaza Governorates

124 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Iron deficiency is the most common etiology of anemia worldwide and has several risk factors. Although iron Deficiency Anemia (IDA) can occur at any age, women during reproductive age are particularly vulnerable to develop IDA due to increased nutritional demand during pregnancy and life cycle. This book assesses the prevalence and determinants of anemia among women in the reproductive age in Gaza Governorates. Book based on retrospective, cross sectional study. Finding showed prevalence of IDA among women at reproductive age (71.1%). The prevalence of anemia among single was 66.5%, and among married women was 76.6%. Secondary and less education were more risky for anemia. 75.5% of women practice sedentary and low life style was associated with anemia. Additionally, there was a strong relationship between anemia and BMI. In addition, anemia was high among women married or delivered at age? 20 years; this difference reaches statistically significance level. Moreover, number of...
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