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Childhood and Young Adulthood Injuries in Uganda   Milton Mutto, PhD

Childhood and Young Adulthood Injuries in Uganda

84 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Injuries among Children and Young Adults remain major morbidity and mortality causes worldwide. While actual extent of the problem remains unclear, urgent action is needed to stay the growing burden and impact among children and young adults. While the global community has come a long way in recognizing the problem as an important agenda item, and drumming support for intra-country and international responses, these commitments need better coordination across nations, sectors and agencies if they are to result into tangible safety dividends for households. Although, the age long competition from other important health priorities continues to disadvantage national commitments to child safety and welfare, especially in the least resourced countries, it needs to be managed in such a way as to optimize resources and maximize benefits of synergy and concert.
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