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Studies on Semen and Antisperm Antibodies   Nadeem Alam

Studies on Semen and Antisperm Antibodies

128 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Inspite of increasing population of the world, the desire for reproduction remains a basic human desire. Infertility is a complex phenomena and couples suffering from this problem along with their investigations and treatment, need a lot of emotional and psychological support. Because a significant percentage of male infertility is believed to be immunologic the specific role that antisperm antibodies play in infertility may become crucial in certain patient populations. Antibodies have been shown to interfere with sperm motility and with the sperm’s penetration of the cervical mucus and the zona pellucida. In vitro fertilization has been used as a means of overcoming these problems, however antisperm antibodies can interfere with sperm – oocyte interaction in in vitro fertilization as well. The purpose of this book was to determine serum antisperm antibodies by ELISA in infertile males. Furthermore, an attempt is made in this study, to establish a correlation between the different...
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