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Blood Banking- The Need for Donor Retention   Omesh Kumar Bharti

Blood Banking- The Need for Donor Retention

104 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This project is an unique work of the author to know why people donot wish to donate blood especially when they have already donated once. It is always said that to motivate people to donate blood is difficult task, but this study finds a more difficult task is to ask people to donate blood again. This is a worldwide phenomenon but more so in third world countries where already there is acute shortage of blood and many patients especially women during child birth die for want of blood. At a time when there is shortage of voluntary blood donors, to retain the donors becomes all the very necessary and to know the factors for not able to retain such donors is the only key to retain them and get continuous supply of blood to the patients. Hopefully this work would encourage the blood bank managers to take corrective actions so that more lives can be saved in future.
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