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Uses of Outcome Measures in Rehabilitation Units in Midlands of UK   Esra' Hamdan

Uses of Outcome Measures in Rehabilitation Units in Midlands of UK

248 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Objective, To explore professionals’ uses of outcome measurements and to investigate the barrier from using them in clinical practice. Design A self designed questionnaire survey sent by post with a phone call reminder. Participants Rehabilitation professionals who are currently working in (NHS Rehabilitation Trust Units) in Midland of UK Key words: Outcome Measures, TBI, Rehabilitation. Results : Questionnaires were sent to 14 TBI centers, (response rate 32%). More than 24 % of the respondent, professional’s uses on-standardised outcome measures in their routine clinical practice. The most commonly used were the Rivermead Mobility index , HAD’S and EKOS . Of the barriers to using outcome measures, time required to administer the tests and lack of familiarity with functional tests were nominated by more than 80% of respondents. What remains unclear is the extent to which the measures are being used appropriately. Conclusion : Outcome measures within clinical practice is still in...
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