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PATTERN RECOGNITION RECEPTORS   Devasrita U. Samal and Mehul R. Chorawala


196 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Pattern Recognition receptors are the imerging field. It has gained immense attention these days. It provides vast areas for research. Modifications in the activation and regulation pathways, leads to the treatment of various diseases. Thus, it proves to be a potential therapeutic target. It has become the center of attention for many researchers. The book is a compilation of many scholarly works on PRRs.It includes the overview of all the PRRs. It covers the link between the pathways of various PRRs and also the link with the immune system.It also includes various disorders caused specifiacally by these PRRs.It throws light on the future perspects related to PRRs.In short,reading the book provides an overall idea regarding PRRs and gives platform for various researches.
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