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Advocacy in Reproductive Health a Kenyan Situation and Reflection   Okello-Agina Bonaventure Michael

Advocacy in Reproductive Health a Kenyan Situation and Reflection

84 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Sustained advocacy on sexual and reproductive health in Kenya is of paramount importance in the fight of maintaining the human race and dignity. Advocacy plays an important part in shaping the local policy and funding allocation in reproductive health in Kenya. In recent years the concept of advocacy has grown in importance in civil society organization in shaping policy process in local and international governments and institutions. Advocacy is influencing other people, building support, promoting commitment to issues and directing decision makers towards solutions. Successful advocates usually start by identifying the people they need to influence policies and planning the best ways to communicate with them. They dwell on issues and build persuasive cases. Advocates organize networks and coalitions to create grounds well of support that can influence key decision makers. They work with the media, the third estate, to help communicate the message. Women’s Health Advocacy...
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