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Rehabilitation of Stroke Gait   Raid Al-Baradie,Abdelhamid Deghidi and Intsar Waked

Rehabilitation of Stroke Gait

100 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The average walking speed of stroke patients is lower than that of healthy controls but the reported values vary depending on the severity of the stroke, the time post-stroke and the age of the subjects.Compared to healthy controls, patient’s stride lengths are smaller and the duration of gait cycles is longer.Hemiplegic stroke patients show prolonged double support phases in their gait cycle, especially the double support phase that precedes the swing phase of the hemiplegic side.This book is designed to give a condensed and rapid review of the essentials of anatomy and physiology knowledge for the physical therapists and health care & health care providers. It contains many photos for effective exercises used for rehabilitation of gait in post stroke patients.The photos are placed in the close to the purposed explanation so that labeling is easier. Moreover, some clinical points are added to facilitate understanding of the solid knowledge
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