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HIV-TB in India: A Socio-Epidemiological Perspective   Esam M. Mahyoub,Suneela Garg and M. Meghachandra Singh

HIV-TB in India: A Socio-Epidemiological Perspective

372 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Human immunodeficiency virus associated tuberculosis poses unprecedented challenges on the public health system in Indian and global context. With the spread of HIV, incidence of TB has risen dramatically in recent years. In addition to morbidity and mortality, the two diseases cause substantial economic and social burden on the nation. The epidemiological features depend upon the social and cultural practices of people which may again vary from region to region. Given the relatively limited experience with ARV therapy in settings with endemic TB, the next few years will be instrumental in devising and evaluating feasible and effective strategies to address the overlapping epidemics. The present work would be useful to programme managers, policy makers, epidemiologists, social scientists, medical and public health professionals. This would also provide an insight into addressing Millennium Development Goals.
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