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Pathological physiology and treatment of the vestibular fistulas   Michael Levin

Pathological physiology and treatment of the vestibular fistulas

68 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The operation of the "anus formation" for low vestibular fistula was first published by us in 1983. It allows to save all the sphincters and their relationship with a functioning anal canal. The results of operations have been published in medical journals in Russian. All the children who were operated at the age before one year had normal function of the continence and defecation. So far, this technique was used only in the Belarusian Center of Pediatric Surgery (BCPS). This is how the head of BCPS, professor V.I. Averin, describes the current situation: - "I operated with this technique and long-term results were really good. But I remember how we several times sutured fistulas, which constantly recurred. Three our surgeons had internship with Dr. Pena. They are ardent supporters of posterior sagittal approach which also receives good reviews in the literature. However, I think to start anus formation procedure again in girls with vestibular ectopy." - This book provides the...
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