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Motivators and Barriers to Donate Blood   Wan Haslindawani Wan Mahmood,Azriani Abdul Rahman and Asrenee Abdul Razak

Motivators and Barriers to Donate Blood

60 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The act of giving blood is a complex decision that likely is driven by many factors. As individuals move from receptiveness through commitment to habit maintenance, they become less influenced by extrinsic factors and are affected more by intrinsic considerations. Being a blood donor becomes an important aspect of identity. Most donors were recruited by other donors. Their continued involvement as blood donors was primarily linked to altruistic and empathic reasons. Increased self-esteem from being a blood donor was a more important motivation to donors. Lack of self-esteem will be the barriers towards blood donation. Many fears associated with the blood donation process such as needles, sight of blood and contracting acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) inhibit donors from giving blood. Fear to put on weight after donations are the other most common reason we encounter in our setting.
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