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Reducing sun-induced skin damage in high-risk North Queensland men   Torres Woolley

Reducing sun-induced skin damage in high-risk North Queensland men

344 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The studies described in this thesis strongly suggest that workplaces situated in tropical regions with predominantly Caucasian populations need to adopt a much more serious commitment to skin cancer prevention. Men’s erroneous beliefs, the strength of their barriers and lack of motivators for using sun protection suggest it is no longer sufficient to merely provide sunscreen in the workplace, or give employees a choice of whether or not to use sun protective clothing when working outdoors. Instead, workplaces should consider enforcing a mandatory workplace sun protection policy for all who work outdoors in north Queensland, and workplaces should at least strongly advocate for, or make freely available, sunscreen and sun-gloves. Implementing such workplace measures at lower latitudes will significantly reduce the sun-induced skin damage sustained by outdoor workers over their working life, and should also abate the development of epithelial skin cancer in those who are genetically...
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