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Health Promotion   Amarjeet Singh,Sonu Goel and Jeyashree Kathiresan

Health Promotion

464 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book attempts to outline the theoretical underpinnings of philosophy of health promotion. In doing so, it draws upon seminal work done by various experts and agencies in this field. The book also touches upon the role of the latest developments in biotechnology (cloning, genetics) as well as about the role of mass media and internet in health promotion. Case studies are also used extensively in many chapters. The book "Health Promotion - Need for Public Health Activism" will certainly fill the void of postgraduate(PG) level writing in the discipline of Public Health ( also known by the names- Community Medicine/ Social & Preventive Medicine / Preventive & Social Medicine) . So far, these subjects have been constrained by a serious lack of PG level books. Most of the books are undergraduate (UG) level and that too not based on any original work of the authors. The book is expected to be of immense use for UG/ PG students as well as faculty of Public Health as well as...
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