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Estimation of T3,T4&TSH to evaluate SCHypothyroidism in Mullana,Ambala   Shikhaa Mahajan,Kuldeep S. Sodhi and Jasbir Singh

Estimation of T3,T4&TSH to evaluate SCHypothyroidism in Mullana,Ambala

236 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Subclinical hypothyroidism(SCH) has become prevalent among various populations.Represents the earliest stages of thyroid dysfunction.Prevalence:4-10%.Progression to Hypothyroidism:5–8%/year.Common in women than in men &prevalence increases with age.Because of high prevalence & potential cost implications for the health care system,early detection of SCH individuals who might progress to overt hypothyroidism would be important.As Mullana in Haryana comes in SubHimalayan Goitre Belt,there are ample chances that people residing in this belt may have SCH.So this study was undertaken with aim to evaluate the burden of SCH in apparently healthy rural subjects residing in & around Mullana & to find out age & sexwise distribution.Present study revealed that prevalence of SCH is higher,more prevalent in females & elderly.Study has opened up a new era where the results can be used as baseline data to further extend the study on larger population in terms of deciphering the etiology behind this...
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